Novice Trail’s

Fishing Hole Loop - Novice

Intermediate Trail’s

Lost Ring: Novice/Intermediate

Warm Up Loop: Novice/Intermediate

Bermuda Triangle: Intermediate

Pump Track: Intermediate

Supercross: Intermediate

Traverse: Intermediate

Washing Machine: Intermediate

Advanced Trail’s

Armadillo Part1: Intermediate/Advanced

Armadillo Part2: Intermediate/Advanced

Deep Dark Forest: Intermediate/Advanced

Outback: Intermediate/Advanced

Redback: Intermediate/Advanced

Rock Garden: Intermediate/Advanced

Route 66: Intermediate/Advanced

Area 51: Advanced

Twisted Trail: Advanced

Outback Extension: Advanced/Expert

Expert/Pro Trail’s

Alligator Alley: Expert/Pro

Gun Range: Expert Pro

Markham Park Trail Rider’s Video’s


All work performed on the Markham Park trail system is performed by volunteers registered through Broward County and directed, controlled and supervised by Broward County. The Markham Park Trail Building Fund, Inc. does not work on the trails at Markham Park. The Markham Park Trail Building Fund raises money which, in turn, is made available to Broward County’s volunteers to purchase tools, materials and supplies which they use in performing work on the trails under the direction, supervision and control of Broward County. Rest assured, though, 100% of the money raised by the Markham Park Trail Building Fund goes directly to the volunteers and is used in building and maintaining the trails. Without fund raising, no money would be available to the volunteers to purchase tools, materials and supplies for their work on the trails.