Markham Park Mountain Bike Trail System

Mountain Bike Trails 
With roughly 14 miles of trails, the Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails offer bicycle enthusiasts a challenging experience. Trails are available for the novice, intermediate, expert/pro rider, and the adaptive bike rider. Mountain bike trail volunteers designed a roughly four-mile trail specifically for off-road, hand-powered recumbent bikes, commonly used by disabled wheelchair users. This trail can accommodate bikes that are lower to the ground and often characterized by one wheel in front and two wheels behind. This trail is also open to children, first-time mountain bikers, and anyone else who may be uncertain if they're ready for the park's more rugged 10-miles of mountain bike trails. Helmets are required, and riders under the age of 17 must have written consent from parent or legal guardian to ride. Only mountain bikes are permitted on the trails. Non-specific mountain bikes, bike trailers, and child seats are not allowed on the trails. Additionally, pets, pedestrians, walkers, hikers, runners, horses, motorized bikes, and ATVs are also prohibited on the trails.  

Use of trails requires an annual membership or daily fee. Visit the 
Mountain Bike Trail Fees page for more information. The annual membership fee is $25 plus tax; the daily fee is $5 plus tax. Annual membership passes purchased on or after July 1 will sold at a prorated cost of $12.50 plus tax. The annual membership pass expires on December 31 of the year that it was purchased.

*Broward trails require all new riders to visit the park office and register before riding the trails. Here is the waiver to be filled out: waiver of liability. There is no cost to register.

The Markham Park Mountain Bike Trail system is 100% funded, built and maintained by a very small dedicated group of volunteer workers. The purpose of The Markham Park Trail Building Fund is to raise awareness and promote the growth of the volunteer group. Additionally the Markham Park Trail Building Funds’s goal is to solicit donations, raise money and manage donated funds. Check out the Trail Maintenance page for more info!

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All work performed on the Markham Park trail system is performed by volunteers registered through Broward County and directed, controlled and supervised by Broward County. The Markham Park Trail Building Fund, Inc. does not work on the trails at Markham Park. The Markham Park Trail Building Fund raises money which, in turn, is made available to Broward County’s volunteers to purchase tools, materials and supplies which they use in performing work on the trails under the direction, supervision and control of Broward County. Rest assured, though, 100% of the money raised by the Markham Park Trail Building Fund goes directly to the volunteers and is used in building and maintaining the trails. Without fund raising, no money would be available to the volunteers to purchase tools, materials and supplies for their work on the trails.